Ukraine accuses Georgia of helping Russia

Ukraine accuses Georgia of helping Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has accused Georgia of helping Russia to circumvent sanctions.

According to the minister, Tbilisi must prove that "it does not help Moscow." "We are waiting for official evidence and convincing arguments from Georgia that they are not doing this. Then we will decide what actions to take if the evidence and arguments are not convincing enough," he said.

Earlier, Georgia's State Security Service demanded that Kiev provide evidence of statements about the alleged smuggling of sanctioned goods to Russia.

Yesterday, Culture Minister Tea Tsulukiani responded to Ukraine’s allegations that Russia is using Georgia for smuggling to circumvent sanctions. "An official statement has already been made by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia as our borders are well-controlled to ensure that any sanctioned, be it military, dual-use material or goods, not to go beyond strict customs monitoring," she stressed.