Ukraine wins Eurovision-2016

Ukraine wins Eurovision-2016

The winner of the 61st "Eurovision-2016" song contest was decided in Stockholm. The winner is singer Jamala, who received 534 points. Thus, "Eurovision" will be held in Ukraine next year.

Australia representative Demi Im took the second place with the song Sound of Silence (511 points), the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev took the third place (491 points).

This year, organizers of "Eurovision" introduced a new system of calculation of the results, under which the total amount of points is composed of voting of expert jury from each country, and than it is summed with votes of viewers, who sent SMS to vote for their favorite songs.

It should also be noted that "Eurovision" is often called politicized, since countries usually vote on a territorial basis for their neighbors. During the expert voting, Russia gave 12 points to Armenian singer Iveta Makuchyan, and 10 points to the representative of Azerbaijan Semra Rahimli.

Russia received 12 points from Belarusian, Azerbaijani and Cyprian experts. Yerevan gave the performance of Sergey Lazarev just 2 points.

Georgia was represented by the group Young Georgian Lolitaz and Nika Kocharov with the song Midnight Gold.The UK gave the highest score to Georgian performers, while Russia gave 5 points, Belgium - 7 points, Ukraine - 3 points.

It is noteworthy that experts from many countries, including Georgia and Armenia, gave their "big" points to Ukraine, while the audience votes put Jamala on the second place (323 points).

After the experts voting, Sergey Lazarev was at the fifth place with 130 points. However, despite the fact that he won the audience voting (361 points), he was unable to get ahead of Ukrainian singer.