Upper Lars now: Trucks stuck in traffic jam again

Anastasia Tesemnikova/ "Vestnik Kavkaza"

There is a traffic jam of trucks on the Russian-Georgian border once again.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Ossetia, over 400 heavy trucks are now awaiting entry into Georgia from Russia.

According to the electronic queue of the data center portal, there are currently about two hundred trucks in the green zone.

"There are 190 heavy-duty vehicles in the parking lot, and 192 heavy-duty vehicles on the road, which are waiting to pass through the Upper Lars checkpoint towards Georgia",

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Ossetia said.

It is noted that traffic along the Georgian Military Road was opened on April 19, after the special services cleared the roadway of snow. Now one can move across the border of Georgia and Russia using any type of transport.

© Photo :Anastasia Tesemnikova/ "Vestnik Kavkaza"