Venezuela to bring good news on MIR cards soon

Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Moscow and Caracas have advanced in the development of a system of exchange of financial messages, bypassing SWIFT, and the use of Russia's MIR payment system in Venezuela, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil Pinto told the joint news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"Good news for Venezuelan agricultural producers in aspects related to the regulation of food exports and imports, and we are also seeing progress in terms of the financial information exchange system. It is being created and is an alternative to the international company SWIFT," the minister said.

According to him, the central banks of Russia and Venezuela are working on it, as well as on MIR cards, which will allow Russian tourists to pay directly in Venezuela, bypassing large multinational corporations.

Yvan Gil Pinto noted that the discussion is developing, it will be part of a high-level discussion in the framework of the intergovernmental commission next week in Russia. "Soon we will bring good news to the peoples of Russia and Venezuela," he underscored.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza