Vesti FM: How Pogosyan ruined Russian aviation industry

Vesti FM: How Pogosyan ruined Russian aviation industry

Those who carried out "innovative" reforms in the Russian economy in the 90’s used to say that the Soviet economy is dead because it is not competitive, but it was never the case with the aircraft industry. As it turned out we actually lost aviation industry [following the breakup of the USSR], said political analyst, the director of the Center for Current Politics, Sergey Mikheyev to Vesti FM.

"We have no aviation industry nowadays because nobody is responsible for it today. Today we just have the Ministry of Industry. Khristenko [former minister] was the first to take aggressive steps. Now we have got the second minister Mikhail Pogosyan, Russian aircraft designer and entrepreneur, CEO Director at the ‘Sukhoy’ company, and  former Director General at JSC RAC MiG, former president of JSC ‘United aircraft Corporation’, Chairman of the Board of Directors at JSC ‘Sukhoi Civil aircraft’. 

Until January 16th, 2015 he was the president of JSC ‘United aircraft Corporation’. An early resignation from the post of president was due to excessive spending on ‘Sukhoi Superjet-100’, but they knew this person ruins everything where he appears. The 'Superjet-100’ project was stable only as long as it was financed. What have we achieved? We constructed a plane with 80% of foreign components by Airbus and Boeing. How will we manufacture aircrafts at the time of embargo? The time when Europe can deprive us of license, terminate the leasing agreement, cut spare parts deliveries. The ‘Dobrolet’ company was eliminated as a carrier, the expert reminded.

"This is a consequence of the transition to foreign aircrafts. If we used Russian made aircrafts Europe would not have a chance to pressure us. If we used Russian made parts for ‘Superjet’ we would continue our flights. But now problems may come at any time,’’ Sergey Mikheev said.