Vladimir Putin: Russia is ally of Islamic world

Vladimir Putin: Russia is ally of Islamic world

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a welcome letter to the participants of the annual meeting of the Group of Strategic Vision 'Russia - Islamic World', which is being held in Kazan.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov read out the message, which says that the Islamic world can view Russia as a reliable partner ready to provide assistance in solving pressing problems.

"On the agenda of our meeting are important issues, many of which are directly linked to events happening in a number of Muslim countries and no doubt that they have a global impact," the address says.

Putin reminded that "a powerful blow to terrorists was dealt with Russia’s participation," pointing out that "nevertheless, the terrorists and their accomplices are still trying to destabilize the situation in the region doing their utmost to block international efforts to resolve the conflict."

He said that "for the Islamic world, Russia will always be a reliable friend and partner ready to provide assistance in solving pressing problems". "For our part, we are looking forward to Muslim countries taking a more active position on strengthening the principle of justice and the rule of law in international relations."

The Russian President expressed hope that the meeting of the Group of Strategic Vision 'Russia - Islamic World' would "contribute to enhancing of mutual trust, understanding and cooperation between our countries and peoples".

The advisor to the deputy chairman of the Federation Council, deputy head of the Council of the Russian Diplomats Association, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Andrey Baklanov, speaking to Vestnik Kavkaza, drew attention to the number of Islamic activities that take place in Russia these days.

"Two very important events are being held in Kazan this week. The Kazan Summit, which discussed the trade and economic relations between Russia and the Arab countries, as well as the establishment of banking institutions that can work in our country on the moral principles of the sharia laws, has just ended. Now, in addition to these aspects, the Group of Strategic Vision will substantively address the issues of political cooperation and the fight against terrorism. This demonstrates that the development of relations with the Islamic world and the intensity of our contacts is treated with great attention," Andrey Baklanov stressed.

Of course, the contacts between Russia and the Islamic world has been developing for many years. "The Russian Federation has been an observer in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for already 11 years. It is important that our political stand on the relations with the Islamic world is supported by our very active practical steps, including the settlement of the crisis in Syria, providing assistance to Islamic countries in the fight against terrorism. I think that our political line proves that the principles we declare in regard to the Middle East and the Islamic countries are implemented in full," the diplomat noted.