Vucic and Putin in Sochi: "I'm not optimistic when it comes to compromise on Kosovo"

Vucic and Putin in Sochi: "I'm not optimistic when it comes to compromise on Kosovo"

Strategic partnership between Serbia and Russia is developing and strengthening on a daily basis, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed at the start of the meeting with Serbian President Vucic, B92 reports.

Putin said he was expecting him again in Russia next May. Putin welcomed Vucic and stressed that he was very pleased to see the President of Serbia. "Thank you for accepting our invitation, our relationships are evolving, our strategic partnership is being reaffirmed and strengthened on a daily basis, both in political and economic relations, as well as in the security field", Putin said at the beginning of the meeting, which was open to the public.

According to the Russian President, last year foreign trade between the two countries increased by two percent, and in the period January - September this year, by additional nine percent. Putin added that joint committees are actively working on developing relations between the two countries, and that he will discuss it further with the Serbian President during the visit.

Russian President has told Vucic that he is expecting him in Russia again in May next year. Serbian President Vucic added that he would be honored.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said at the beginning of his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin that he was not optimistic when it came to reaching a final compromise solution between Belgrade and Pristina.

Then, announcing topics he wants to discuss with the Russian head of state, Vucic informed Putin that the gas pipeline through Serbia is practically completed, which represents a great chance for the development of our country and which will bring better future to the citizens.

Addressing Putin in Russian, Vucic said he was glad to meet again and thanked him for the time the Russian President had set aside for this meeting, which is personally a great honor for him.