WHO chief: COVID-19 pandemic far from over

WHO chief: COVID-19 pandemic far from over

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the coronavirus pandemic is still far from over.

"It’s pleasing to now see a downward trend in reported deaths, which last week were the lowest in more than two years. But the pandemic is still far from over," the WHO head said.

Transmission remains very high, vaccination coverage remains very low in too many countries, and the relaxation of many public health and social measures is allowing continued transmission, with the risk of new variants emerging," he added.

"As the pandemic enters its third year, three factors have become critical:  First, fatigue. People are exhausted, after two years of deaths, social isolation, missed family reunions, closed schools and disrupted workplaces. Second, the duration of immunity from prior vaccination or infection remains unclear. And third, we can’t predict how the virus will evolve," Ghebreyesus stressed.