Water to return to Tbilisi no earlier than on Tuesday

Water to return to Tbilisi no earlier than on Tuesday

© Photo: Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

Georgian utility service workers have completed preparatory work to restore a water pipeline destroyed by a landslide last Sunday. According to them, the repairs are going according to plan and will be accomplished on Tuesday, June 25. Then, the permanent water supply will return to the areas of Tbilisi that were left without water.

According to the Georgian Water and Power company, in Tbilisi, the consequences of a large-scale water supply accident that occurred on Sunday, June 16 near the village of Tsitsamuri, will be completely eliminated only on Tuesday, June 25.

For almost a week, a number of districts of Tbilisi have been left without constant water supply due to a landslide at the site of the main water pipe. The accident was caused by the human factor: unknown had been dumping bulk substances in this very place for a long time, due to which the soil eventually came down, breaking and crushing the water supply system.