We like to come to Baku for tournaments, team from Belarus says

We like to come to Baku for tournaments, team from Belarus says

The participants of the Belorussian team, who won the second place in the exercise with five hoops and became the third in the exercise with three balls and two ropes at the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku, said in in an interview with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, that they would complicate their program.

First of all, Belarusians stressed that they like to perform in Baku. "We really liked Baku - it's a beautiful city. Also, there is always an excellent organization of the competitions and a very warm audience in Azerbaijan. We like to come to Baku for the tournaments, " they said.

The athletes noted that the Belarusian team, arrived in Baku, is very young. ‘’Only two girls remained from the last season, and all the other girls are very young. Some of them participate in the international competitions for the first time. Of course, we have very many impressions and emotions from the tournament and the country, " the Belarusian gymnasts admitted.

"This is our third start - before that we were in Italy and in Uzbekistan at the World Cup, then we are going to Bulgaria also to the World Cup stage. And after the tournament in Baku, we decided to complicate our program, "the athletes concluded.

The FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup is held in Baku on Apr 28-30. 94 gymnasts from 21 countries will participate in it. 37 sportsmen will perform in the individual program, and 57 gymnasts within 10 teams will take part  in group exercises. Athletes will compete for 8 medal sets.