West evacuates its citizens from Ukraine

West evacuates its citizens from Ukraine

Today, many Western countries have published calls and recommendations to their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately and refrain from traveling to this country.

The USA was the first to begin it. The State Department said that some of the diplomatic staff from the embassy in Kiev is moving to the consulate in Lviv "due to the proximity of the Ukrainian capital to the Russian border". At the same time, most of the American diplomats will be evacuated from Ukraine, and the amount of secret equipment and documents in Kiev will be "seriously reduced".

Then the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain, James Hippie, told the British citizens in Ukraine that they should leave the Ukrainian lands immediately, since in the event of a war they would not be evacuated. Already today, British military instructors are leaving Ukraine, and American ones will soon follow. Flags were also removed from the British embassy in Kiev.

The German government has called on German citizens to leave Ukraine if they do not need to be there. It was emphasized that Berlin is preparing "for any scenario in Ukraine". In this regard, the German Consulate General in Dnipro moved to Lviv, and the embassy in Kiev announced a reduction in staff. 

Following this, calls to flee Ukraine began to follow one after another. The Belgian Foreign Ministry "strongly recommended" the Belgians to fly out of Ukraine. Spain recommended that the Spaniards do the same, and Italy recommended that the Italians leave, and announced a reduction in the staff of the embassy in Kiev.

Sweden and Latvia called on their citizens to leave Ukraine, Poland advised its citizens not to travel to Ukraine in the near future, and the Czech Republic asked Czechs to refrain from visiting not only Ukraine, but also Belarus.

Kuwait also invited its citizens to leave Ukraine. Turkey limited itself to a recommendation not to visit the eastern part of the country temporarily.