What spring of 2018 brings to Russians?

 What spring of 2018 brings to Russians?

In early spring, the Russian people will face a number of legislative changes.

Today, on March 1, Russia will start the second stage of capital amnesty it will last a year - until late February 2019. The first stage of the amnesty was held in 2015-2017. It allowed wealthy Russians to declare foreign property and companies, avoiding tax claims - the payment of income tax or personal income tax. Holders of money withdrawn from Russia will be able to declare foreign tax not only current foreign bank accounts, but also those closed before the date of submission of the declaration.

There will also be an amnesty of Russian summer cottage owners, who did not have time to register their property.

Macedonia is out of the list of 12 European countries that allow Russian citizens to enter it without a visa. Since March 15 this republic, which will soon join the EU, cancels the visa-free regime for Russians.

The changes will affect Russian drivers as well. Since March 18, they will be obliged to have a reflective waistcoat and put it on, when leaving the car during an accident or stop outside the city, town and other settlements.

Starting from March 30, Russians will be able to get about 30 services after only one complex request in multiservice centers.

In February, the State Duma passed  the law on raising the minimum wage to the subsistence level. It will come into force on May 1. The minimum wage, which now amounts to 85% of the subsistence level, which is equal to 9,489 rubles, will amount to 11,163 rubles ($165) per month.