When Türkiye-Armenia border to be opened?

When Türkiye-Armenia border to be opened?

© Photo: Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

Türkiye’s Special Representative for the normalization of relations with Yerevan said that work is now underway to open the Turkish-Armenian border.

The opening of the border between Armenia and Türkiye for the movement of citizens of other countries is not yet expected, the Türkiye’s special representative on the process of establishing ties with Armenia, Serdar Kilic said, speaking at the diplomacy forum in Antalya.

He said that work on this issue continues.

“There is no progress yet, we are working,”

- Serdar Kilic said

The authorities of Türkiye and Armenia are negotiating to establish a regime under which citizens of other states and persons with diplomatic documents will be able to cross the border. Subsequently, the border should open to all other categories of citizens.