White House: neither Hamas nor Israel want new truce

the Israeli army

U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said he does not know when discussions to resume a truce between Israel and militant group Hamas will restart after the fighting reignited over the weekend.

Kirby also blamed Hamas on Sunday for the truce falling apart.

“Well, there are no official negotiations going on right now, and that’s because of Hamas. Hamas failed to come up with yet another list of women and children that could be released and we know they’re holding additional women and children," he said.

According to the spokesman “neither side is willing to come back to the table” in Israel-Hamas negotiations.

“So unfortunately, the negotiations have stopped. That said what hasn’t stopped is our own involvement, trying to get those back on track and trying to discuss with those partners and all those interlocutors, see if we can’t get it back in place,” Kirby added.

© Photo :the Israeli army