White House staff to return for in-person work in July

White House staff to return for in-person work in July

The White House will ask that all employees return to the office for in-person work in July, a source said Tuesday. 

White House employees received a memo from the office of Management and Administration instructing them to "transition to full time on campus work during the window of July 6 to July 23," Axios first reported. 

Employees with an "extenuating circumstance" can request to continue working from home.

Last month—after the Centers for Disease Control loosened its guidance on masks—the White House sent an advisory to employees stating that a "maximum telework" policy remained in place. 

Most White House employees—about 80-90%—have been working from home since President Joe Biden took office in January, the source estimated to Forbes.

On January 25, the Office of Management and Budget urged employees to make “every effort” to work remotely and restricted the number of workers allowed in federal buildings to 25%.

The staffing arrangement was a departure from the Trump administration, which had more employees working in-person. About 60% all federal employees reported working remotely during the “peak of the pandemic” last year in the 2020 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

In April 2020, Trump called on agencies to begin drafting plans for workers to return to the office.