Who will become mayor of Makhachkala?

Who will become mayor of Makhachkala?

© Photo: Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

There are three candidates for the post of mayor of Makhachkala: Umavov, Magomedov and Ramazanov. Currently, Umavov is the acting mayor.

One of three candidates will become the mayor of Makhachkala: Yusup Umavov, Arsen Magomedov or Imam Ramazanov. The head of the city is to be elected by the Makhachkala Assembly of Deputies.

"According to the results of a comprehensive assessment of candidates carried out by the competitive commission for the selection of candidates for the position of head of the urban district, the following candidates were recognized as leaders of the competition: Magomedov Arsen Abdullaevich, Ramazanov Imam Narimanovich, Umavov Yusup Dzhanbekovich"

- the major’s office reports.

In total, the commission chose from 11 applicants for the post.