Yerevan Zoo director resigns because of stray dogs

Yerevan Zoo director resigns because of stray dogs

Director of the Yerevan Zoo Ruben Khachatryan resigned today because of the massive kill of animals, the press office of the zoo said.

It was reported today that three moufflons died Thursday night, as well as three kangaroos were mauled by stray dogs one day before, reported.

Earlier today Yerevan Vice Mayor Tigran Virabyan, after discussing the matter with Mayor Hayk Marutyan, proposed the head of the zoo to resign. 

There have been many reports about death of animals over this year. The zoo authorities said they had died from tuberculosis and leucosis, and many had been killed as a result of intra-specific competition. In particular, two tigers, one zebra, one bear, one Persian white goat and one crocodile died this year in the Yerevan Zoo.