Yerevan's campaign failure: separatists in Khankendi blocking humanitarian aid


A truck from Russia, which was supposed to deliver food cargo along Aghdam-Khankendi road to Armenian residents of Khankendi, has been standing in Barda for the second day already.

It was noted that the delay in the passage of the truck is due to refusal of the separatists in Khankendi to accept this cargo.

At the same time, a truck of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) stands ready on the territory of Armenia near the Lachin border crossing point.

Although the Azerbaijani side is ready to ensure its passage across the border in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan, the separatists don't accept this cargo either, since in this case an ICRC truck would have to drive parallel to the Aghdam road towards Askeran, and the separatists don't want this.

This indicates a completely inadequate behavior of the separatists in Khankendi, as they don't accept cargo from either Russia or the ICRC.

© Photo :AzerTAc