Youth Summit of NAM to be held in Baku in July

Youth Summit of NAM to be held in Baku in July

Next month in Baku we will have Youth Summit of Non-Aligned Movement, President Ilham Aliyev said addressing Baku conference of the Parliamentary Network of Non-Aligned Movement.

"Here in Baku, we create NAM Parliamentary Network. I am very grateful to NAM member states for supporting this initiative of Azerbaijan, which is another step to strengthen our solidarity and mutual support. As a former member of the parliament of Azerbaijan for 8 years, as a former colleague of yours, I know very well how important is parliamentary diplomacy and interparliamentary relations. I am sure that our Parliamentary Network not only will contribute to solidarity between our countries, but also will establish close working relations with different parliamentary organizations of the world," Ilham Aliyev expressed confidence.

"The Non-Alignment Movement is the second, after the United Nations, biggest international institution and, of course, we all want that our voice is heard on global scale. Parliamentary network is not the only initiative, which we put forward and got your support. Another important initiative is the youth network and next month here in Baku again we will have another important event, the Youth Summit of NAM. So, these are the steps towards institutional development of NAM and I think time has come to make practical steps in that direction," he said.

"Another initiative, which Azerbaijan put forward and was supported by member states is the creation of NAM support office in New York. I think it is also right time now to make more steps towards institutional development and that, in its turn, will help us to defend our interests on international arena and also strengthen solidarity between our countries," the head of state added.