Zurab Tsereteli's exhibition opens at UN headquarters in Geneva

Zurab Tsereteli's exhibition opens at UN headquarters in Geneva

An exhibition of works by Zurab Tsereteli has opened in Geneva, Russkiy Mir reports citing TASS. The exposition, which includes more than a dozen works by the president of the Russian Academy of Arts, is located in the Palace of Nations. The artist donated his convex enamel work called St. George to the UN headquarters in Geneva.

Diplomats from different countries working in the UN office became the guests of honor. According to Tsereteli, the organizers asked him to bring paintings to Switzerland. The artist noted that he was happy to respond to the invitation.

He said that his Good Overcomes Evil sculpture adorns the square in New York. It is installed in front of the UN building. Its key part is also George the Victorious, who smites the dragon with his spear.

The exhibition was organized with the assistance of Tatyana Valova, head of the UN office in Geneva. Support was also provided by the Russian mission and the D10 Art Space gallery.

Gennady Gatilov, the head of the representative office of the Russian Federation, is sure that the exhibition is an excellent opportunity for residents and guests of Geneva to get acquainted with the versatile work of Tsereteli.