Vladimir Yevseyev comments on the situation surrounding Iran

Last week the Iranian city of Bender-Abbas hosted the 21st international conference devoted to the countries of the Persian Gulf. The head of the Centre for Social and Political Research, Vladimir Yevseyev, took part in the event and shared with VK his opinion concerning the situation surrounding the Iranian conflict.

First of all, Yevseyev noted that the international economic sanctions had had a major effect on Iran. This was especially evident in such a large trade centre as Bender-Abbas, he said.

He also said that the political situation in Iran was more stable than many Western experts believed. No actual revolution or any other social uprising seemed possible, he underlined.

According to the expert, the main tensions were not occurring in Iran, but outside the country. The political situation in the Middle East was very unstable, he believed.

From this point of view, Iran seemed even more stable than its neighbours, such as Arabian monarchies, Yevseyev said.