US strike on Syria won't lead to a catastrophe, experts say

Vestnik Kavkaza discussed a possible US strike on Syria with diplomat and historian Pyotr Stegny, director of the Centre for Social and Political Research Vladimir Yevseyev and political analyst Vyacheslav Matuzov.


Pyotr Stegny says the situation is in a state of crisis, but there is still a chance that the plan adopted at the Geneva conference will be implemented. Tensions are being increased artificially, he underlines. 


Vyacheslav Matuzov shares Stegny's approach and stresses that the United States often ignores international law and UN regulations. He believes that the US is using the recent reports concerning chemical attacks in Syria as an excuse for pursuing its national interests.


Vladimir Yevseyev underlines that it's very easy to find out who has used chemical weapons - the authorities or the rebels. If it were the rebels, there should be evidence that the chemicals were stolen from the government's arsenals. If there is no such information, it means that the attack was carried out by the government.


He also stresses that a US strike on Syria would be very limited and no ground operation should be expected so far. Yevseyev also says no attack will be launched until the G20 summit that is going to be held in St. Petersburg.