US expels Syrian diplomats

US expels Syrian diplomats

This week the United States expelled Syrian diplomats from the country. According to the US authorities, it would be unacceptable for people appointed by Bashar Assad to continue their mission in the US.

Member of the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Veniamin Popov, says the move was made in response to Russia's decision to annexe Crimea. It also shows that the world we used to live in has changed, he believes.

At the same time, head of the Social and Political Research Centre, Vladimir Yevseyev, believes that  US foreign policy is becoming more and more chaotic. The US was not ready for Yanokovych's deposition and has to react to the latest developments very quick.

The US is forced to act in various parts of the world and it's becoming harder and harder for the country, the expert says.