River Psou water intake to be launched in late 2012

Construction of a water intake on the River Psou will be concluded in
autumn 2012, Yuga.ru reports.

Construction started at the village of Gumaria in late 2010. The
facility covers 25 hectares, the press service of the Department for
Preparations for the 2014 Olympic Games in the Krasnodar Territory

Metal protection will take up 5 km to separate the river. The cap will
reach 37,000 cubic meters daily. 17 clefts will be drilled, 9 have
already been drilled. Construction of a pumping station with two
reservoirs with a cap of 9,000 cubic meters has already started.

The Adler District will have water intakes constructed at the Rivers
Beshenka, Mzymta and Psou.