Abdulhuseynov Brothers: everybody admires the strongmen from Azerbaijan and their talent

The famous Azeri strongmen, the brothers Hussein and Lachin Abdulhusseynov leave the broad TV-audience speechless by showing their talents. The Azeri pehlevans traditionally performed at various national festivals in Azerbaijan. For years, they perform with nails and sharp objects within the framework of the ‘Got Talent’ global shows where singers, dancers, illusionists, and other gifted people try to win $1 million.

Lachin and Hussein successfully participated in such shows in the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and Georgia. The horrifying talent of the Azeri Brothers excites people in various countries. This time it is Australia Got Talent. The strongmen from Azerbaijan impressed the judges and the audience with their unbelievable performance. Some extra sensitive judges and spectators even covered their eyes with hands.

Many participants from different countries took part in Australia Got Talent. However, the brothers managed to advance to the next round. The judging panel included My Kitchen Rules’ Manu Feildel, actor and Full Monty host Shane Jacobson, US singer Nicole Scherzinger, and actor Lucy Durack. Scherzinger especially liked Abdulhusseynovs’ strength. According to Hussein Abdulhusseynov, after the show, the singer pointed out that the Azeri Brothers were participants whom she expected to see on the show.

“Our profession is very difficult. It’s the hazard to life but we don’t regret. The most difficult part is to create a new performance. Due to stress, it’s not easy to do something at first attempt. Despite numerous repetitions and performances, we are always super excited to come on the stage. Fortunately, we always perform at the highest level,” Hussein Abdulhusseynov said in an interview.

Even though the Azeri Brothers participated in Australia Got Talent in 2019, the video of their performance is getting in trends on YouTube. Users gladly comment on the video.

Abdulhusseynov Brothers were born in Quba. They continue the family tradition. Their father was a famous pehlevan. They also raise pehlevans-to-be in their neighborhood.