Buryat dolls in the State Museum of Oriental Art

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Buryat dolls in the State Museum of Oriental Art

An exhibition of author dolls of the Namdakov family "Ulger: Tales and Dreams" has opened at the State Museum of Oriental Art, where more than a hundred unique pieces of art are presented. In Buryat "Ulger" means "legend".

"This is a unique collection. These are not even dolls, they are independent works of art. Each doll is a complete image. It can be a character, it can be some kind of mood. There are many Buddhist and Buryat characters of ancient myths, fairy tales, legends. They are all painted with some national peculiarities, but there is no such clear parallel. This is probably closer to global symbols", Nonna Alfonso, the exhibition's curator, says.

According to her, the exhibition is divided into two parts: "The first part is fairy tales, all things related to fairy tale characters. The second part, the dream, you could say, refers already to such representatives of the universal human dream: dolls, princesses, deities."

Tatyana Metaksa, Advisor to the Director General of the State Museum of Oriental Art, spoke about the author of the sketches, the famous Russian sculptor, Honored Artist of Russia Dashi Namdakov: "The exhibition of dolls is complemented by decorative and applied objects. A very beautiful trunk is behind me. It is supplemented by tanka, Buddhist icons from our funds, but the main thing on it is dolls. This is a long painstaking work of Dashi, who is the author of sketches for these dolls. Each doll is created after Dashi makes a preliminary image of it. I’m very excited to be with you at this exhibition. We invite you to come to our Museum to look at these absolutely wonderful dolls".

The exhibition will run until January 23, 2022.