G20 remains the most effective format of economic cooperation

By Vestnik Kavkaza
G20 remains the most effective format of economic cooperation

Svetlana Lukash, deputy head of the presidential apparatus expert department, president's special representative to the G20, summed up the results of G20 summit in Osaka, held on June 29. During the meeting, leaders of G20 countries exchanged views on current issues of the global economy, trade and ecology.

"The most important achievement of this summit is that all G20 countries and invited participants confirmed their readiness to cooperate in addressing global issues and new challenges related to ensuring sustainable and strong growth of the global economy. They also paid a lot of attention to digital economy, current problems in world trade and financial areas, as well as environmental and climate change issues," she said.

Participation in the G20 is extremely important for Russia for a number of reasons. "First of all, G20 remains the most effective and productive format in the field of cooperation between countries in economics and finance. Second of all, G20 is working to anticipate global agenda, in other words, it's trying not only to resolve some of the current crises in economic sphere, but also to make decisions on new topics that require international efforts. This is especially true for the digital economy challenges. Third of all, all G20 priorities fully align with Russian national agenda," Lukash noted.

She highlighted several key achievements of the Osaka summit: “An agreement on continuation of reforms in key institutions of global governance that deal with international trade. All countries supported reform of the World Trade Organization, agreed on the need to urgently restore functions and work of key WTO institutions, as well as to work on new areas of the agenda that require special attention. We're grateful to the Japanese chairmanship for bringing specific examples and technologies to discussion, since in the future they will determine world development, primarily when it comes to artificial intelligence."

"G20 approved recommendations on development of strategies in the field of artificial intelligence. Russia is also developing a similar strategy, which we hope will be adopted soon," she stressed.

Lukash also noted that the G20 joint statement made it clear that governments play a key role in ensuring and preventing all terrorist threats, including in the internet: "We urge business and providers of content to work together with us to protect this environment and our citizens. This is a breakthrough and the first joint statement of such nature in the history of G20 and other international platforms."