How International Women's Day celebrated around the world

By Vestnik Kavkaza
How International Women's Day celebrated around the world

International Women's Day is one of the most beloved holidays. All over the world on this day women are presented flowers and gifts. Now the celebration of Women's Day no longer has the goal of promoting equality and has no political context. Nowadays, March 8th is considered the day of spring, female beauty, tenderness and attention to a woman, without whom the world and life cannot exist, colors are pale and smell of flowers has makes no sense.

International Women's Day is a national holiday in Russia. On this day, women receive congratulations and compliments from friends, relatives and co-workers. The President officially congratulates all the women of Russia, and festive concerts are held in the evening.

In Azerbaijan, March 8th, the Women's Day, is also a day off. Azerbaijani men give their women gifts, flowers and, of course, attention and love.

In Kazakhstan, March 8th is also a day off. On this day, men try to please their beloved women. Men often prefer to propose on this day. Folk wisdom, according to which a woman appears as a reflection of a man, becomes especially relevant for Kazakh men on this day.

In Tajikistan, March 8th is called Mother's Day. However, unmarried girls take an active part in the celebration, considering themselves future mothers. In Tajikistan, in addition to flowers and congratulations, a traditional gift is a scarf or fabric to make a new dress.

However, the celebration of International Women's Day is not limited to the post-Soviet space. This holiday has firmly entered the calendar of more than 30 countries of the world.

In Cuba, March 8th is filled with special meaning. The spirit of revolution and freedom is in the air. In Cuba, much attention is paid to the history of this holiday, due to which the celebration of March 8 assumes a revolutionary significance.

In Poland, International Women's Day remains the occasion for meetings and attention to ladies of all ages. Men congratulate beloved women in the evening at a dinner party.

March 8th celebrations are very modest in China. There are no traditional roses and tulips on this day, and on the streets of China you can meet only a fussy foreigner searching for a bouquet to congratulate his woman.

Italians celebrate Women's Day everywhere. But it is not an official public holiday. The meaning of the holiday remains unchanged: the struggle of the fairer sex for equality with men. The symbol of this holiday is a mimosa flower.

Portuguese women do not celebrate Women's Day in the company of men, so March 8th is a traditional all-girl party in Portugal.

In France, March 8th is also not widely celebrated. This holiday is called, as in Tajikistan, Mother's Day. The French have no special traditions of celebrating this day, except to show a little more attention to the fair sex.

In England the holiday is not officially celebrated, no flowers are presented, as the British do not understand the point of honoring women only because they are women.

The history of the women's holiday should not be limited to the beginning of the 20th century. This day was celebrated even in ancient Rome. All the attributes familiar to us like flowers and gifts were also present there. March 8th, which became an international holiday in the first half of the 20th century, focused on those for whom men build and create, sacrifice and win, for the sake of whom they are inspired, whom give them affection, kindness and comfort. It is impossible to limit a love for this holiday to any special event in history, because people celebrate this holiday in different countries, honoring what is equally close and precious to all countries and all peoples of the world - this is life, this is beauty, this is love, everything what every woman, every spring has.

Dear women, our beloved mothers and wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters! The information-analytical agency Vestnik Kavkaza extend the most sincere and gentle congratulations to you!

Be just as beautiful and loved, remain our muses and be happy!