Israel marks 101th anniversary of ADR

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Israel marks 101th anniversary of ADR

A series of events dedicated to celebrating the anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Israel culminated in a grandiose youth holiday. The Azerbaijani community in Israel has marked this date from the first year of the AzIz Israel-Azerbaijan international association's existence. Every year different Israeli cities hold various events, attended by artists, journalists, politicians and public figures.

The first democratic parliamentary republic in the East existed only 23 months - until April 28, 1920. Azerbaijan regained its independence only in 1991.

This year, AzIz has prepared several events for different age groups. It all started with a charity concert in Kiryat Bialik, where songs from the repertoire of Rashid Beybutov and Muslim Magomayev, as well as Azerbaijani national music performed by Salman Rabaeva, Tomer Aliyev, Jeyhun Bakinsky, Sabina Isakov, Yulia Verjy, Konstantin Kalinin, vocal duet 'Shalom', ensemble 'Lechaim' and many others were performed for the older generation. The same night, an international jury announced the winner of the Nasimi-650 poetic competition - the 8-year-old Kostya Varavu with the poem 'My idol,' dedicated to national hero of Azerbaijan Sakhil Mammadov. Already as a winner, Kostya took part in the children's program on KAN-RECA radio on May 27, where he spoke about his idol.

On May 28, there was a special program dedicated to the anniversary of the ADR on the KAN-REKA state radio station. The guest of the program was head of the Jerusalem branch of AzIz Alexander Agranovsky, who spoke live about the history of the holiday, the traditions of tolerance in his native Azerbaijan and about his work in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, some incident came into the picture. Armenian bots tried to organize a "Facebook attack" on the Dolce Vita program host, Baku native and AzIz activist Victoria Dolinskaya. The provocateurs received an immediate response from fans of a popular radio journalist, and not just from Azerbaijani immigrants.

All these culminated in the great youth festival. The evening was opened by one of the AzIz leaders Shaul Siman-Tov, who noted the friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Israel. "Recently, our organization held a series of events in Israel, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries," Shaul Siman-Tov said.

The festive program included songs from the repertoire of Azerbaijani pop stars, as well as contemporary compositions. The guest of the evening was popular Azerbaijani performer Jeyhun Bakinsky, and Israel was represented by Tomer Aliyev, Ilgar Mikhailov, Zaur Aziz, Rafik Asadov, Sarit Yosef and others. "I want to thank the people who prepared a series of these magnificent festivities for us: director of the Azerbaijan Cultural Centre Yegane Salman, AzIz board members Shaul Siman-Tov, Victoria Dolinskaya and Mikhail Salman, heads of city offices Itzik Hanukayev and Alexander Agranovsky, producers Ester Mishieva, Boris Hanukayev and Eduard Verblyansky, activists Victoria Miron and Dora Mikhailova. Thank you for this wonderful celebration of our beloved homeland Azerbaijan," AzIz General Director Lev Spivak said.