New powerful terrorist organization may appear after Daesh

By Vestnik Kavkaza
New powerful terrorist organization may appear after Daesh

The standards and procedures on providing the ceasefire regime in Syria began their operation on March 28th, according to an agreement between Russia and the US. Representatives of the Russian Center for Peacemaking participated in a session with representatives of initiative groups, political and social organizations which are acting in Homs and Damascus provinces to involve them in the ceasefire regime. At the moment, the heads of 51 towns and villages have agreed to respect the ceasefire. 43 armed groups have stated about the implementation and approval of the conditions of the ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Adalbi Shkhagoshev, member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, urges to remember that Daesh has set a new brand: “It is not Al-Qaeda, the terrorists of which were hiding in caves and committing terrorist attacks. Daesh has created a quasi-state in Syria and Iraq. If the Russian Air Forces had not appeared in Syria, in 10-20 days the terrorists would have taken Damascus. They would have seized power in Syria; Baghdad would also have been taken after it. After this, the US would have started to talk about the need to negotiate with them. Turkey would have its ambitions of the Ottoman Empire interfered with, and all this would now have been under the authority of real international terrorism. We broke this plan, defeated them.”

However, Shkhagoshev says that after Daesh a new terrorist organization can appear, because hundreds of terrorist groups are acting at the moment; and each group has from a hundred to a thousand people. “The quality of life in North Africa is falling, due to the fact that there are so many countries that depend on oil prices. And the terrorists will choose a country where they can establish their caliphate. There will be the same power center of international terrorism like in Syria, if the international community does not unite,” the MP predicts.

“When we talk about the consolidation in the fight against international terrorism, we try to explain to the United States, Saudi Arabia and many other countries that the UN resolution, which provides a political solution to the conflict in Syria, will work in favor of consolidation of the world community in combating international terrorism. If they do not understand this, it will be very difficult,” Shkhagoshev states.

He says that a radical ideology network is actively operating today: “They are now able to organize a terrorist attack anywhere in the world locally. We must make sure that they do not have such an opportunity to organize a quasi-state of Daesh in some other region after Syria. If Russian proposals on consolidation of the international community’s efforts are accepted normally, there is a possibility of normalising the situation.”