Normalizing situation in Georgia to promote peace and security in Caucasus

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Normalizing situation in Georgia to promote peace and security in Caucasus

Yesterday, shareholders of Georgian opposition TV channel Rustavi 2 did not support the idea of Nino Nizharadze, who inherited 9% of its shares, to dismiss Nick Gvaramiya from the post of general director, who, following his employee, also ranted against Moscow. On the eve, Vladimir Putin spoke against imposing sanctions on Georgia, but the resumption of flights has not been the case so far.

Member of the Committee on International Affairs of the State Duma Sergei Zheleznyak explained: "By our actions and decisions, we should not facilitate the realization of plans of those forces who want to carry out a coup d'état in Georgia, but we also could not ignore the events in Georgia that directly relate to Russian-Georgian relationship."

"I really wouldn’t like the situation to be brought to the need of imposing sanctions, because they will affect both business and humanitarian contacts. Even against the background of the discussion of our parliamentary statement, the lari exchange rate fell to a historic minimum. It’s not very good for Georgia's economy, which is unstable and dependent on the external factors. We are interested in both Georgia and all our neighbors having peace, security and an opportunity to build up fair and mutually beneficial relationships, using, among other things, a huge common civilization origin of our peoples," the MP said.

Commenting on the Georgian authorities' reaction to the events, Zheleznyak said: "Attempts to maneuver or reduce the significance of these events are not the best way to normalize the situation in Georgia. The clearer the position of Georgia's current legal leadership, the less space for speculation, conjectures and provocations. What is taking place in Georgia lies on the shoulders of the current official government, as it was entrusted to manage the country by the people of Georgia. We would like the situation in Georgia to be normalize as soon as possible. Both the people of Georgia, the multinational people of Russia and all our fraternal neighboring peoples in the Caucasus are interested in it. The normalization will be an important contribution to the overall maintenance of peace and security in the Caucasus."