Posner on Armenia and that Azerbaijan is more important for Russia

Posner on Armenia and that Azerbaijan is more important for Russia

The well-known Russian journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner spoke about the protests in Armenia. 

- How do you assess the events that are happening in Armenia? 

- People are outraged that the authorities have sharply raised the price of electricity. If this had happened in France, would anyone be surprised if all the French came out on the streets and began setting fire to cars? No! It angers them. Certainly, we immediately started to say that it is an Orange Revolution... But do not raise the price! Apparently, they believe that the president of Armenia is an American secret agent, who raised the price just for this purpose. In my opinion, probably the Russian people have long-term patience. But the difference is in the fact that when Russians will decide, nobody can stop them. It is their main character in comparison with the Armenians, and not only Armenians. They came out immediately, but the Russians would keep on standing. But then it won’t be very important. we have different characters. The southern people are much more explosive.

- Don’t you think that it happened because of the fact that Russia has strengthened its relations with Azerbaijan? I read it on the Echo of Moscow.

As a source of accurate information the Echo of Moscow needs some checking. Russia considers its national interests, which are in different things. And there is the country of Armenia. It is poor. There isn't anything except the stones in the soil and apricots. It is a small country with small people. Azerbaijan is the richest oil country. It is clearly on the rise. Besides, it has close relations with Turkey. It is a very important country, a NATO member, located generally in the South. It is one of the most important countries. There is a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh. I have already mentioned in the program Policy, as it has been said. It is not based on conscience, morality, or justice. Policy is the case of cold and exact calculations based on the understanding of national interests.

So if you choose, relations with Azerbaijan (Russia understands it in this way) are more important than relations with Armenia. More important. It can be a bit frustrating, but if you look at things calmly, it is true. That is why I would not blame Russia in this situation. You can push a lot of accusations, but in my opinion, not in this case.