Altay Hasanov: "Azerbaijan was expecting medals from us, and we won them"

By Vestnik Kavkaza
Altay Hasanov: "Azerbaijan was expecting medals from us, and we won them"

Today the gymnastics competitions have come an end at the Baku 2015 European Games. Vice-president of the Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation Altay Hasanov spoke to Vestnik Kavkaza about the results of the competitions.

- How have the competitions in gymnastics gone at the First European Games?

Today was the last day of competitions in gymnastics at Baku 2015 European Games. I think they were successful. First of all, we, the organizers, tried to provide good conditions for all athletes, all participants, coaches, officials. I think this is part of our success. On the other hand, we, our public and our Federation, were waiting for medals. Great work has been done by our athletes, coaches, as well as Federation officials. Everyone tried in order to we could win medals. And we did it. Therefore, The First European Games and gymnastics competitions in Baku were held successfully. Azerbaijan has the following results: we won five medals in gymnastics, took the medal on the trampoline. It is so good that we were able to win a medal in artistic gymnastics, because the strongest competition was in gymnastics. We have been preparing for many years in order to win this medal. And finally we deserved it.

Of course, we were worried about the organization of the refereeing, not without it. But fortunately the festival of the European Games took place in Baku successfully.

I want to congratulate the Russian team, which showed excellent results. Because Russia is a trendsetter in gymnastics, as well as in other kinds of sports, too. Therefore, I congratulate the Russian team on a lot of gold medals. I think everyone is happy: both participants, and onlookers.

- Could you tell us about the development of gymnastics in Azerbaijan?

To develop gymnastics in our country is not the easiest thing. We started it in autumn of 2002, when the president of the Federation our first lady Mehriban Aliyeva was elected. And she put soul into this. Today can see the results. Because so many years of hard work and searches led to this day, when we are at such a representative tournament. We have a lot of medals at the first in history European Games. We cannot help noting the titanic work of our athletes, coaches, management and all the employees of the Federation.

- Is the support of the fans important for you?

Our fans support us. I know how many people in Moscow visit gymnastics events. Now we have the same situation in Baku. You know, in the early years we did not know how to attract onlookers to the stands. We did not have a lot of fans, now we see the progress we wanted to achieve. We develop gymnastics in different regions, open sports groups and schools. The government strongly supports us in all kinds of sports, especially in gymnastics. So I think we will succeed.