2,000-year-old villa unearthed in Turkey's Denizli

2,000-year-old villa unearthed in Turkey's Denizli

An archaeological team has unearthed a 12-room villa with mosaic-covered floors and walls decorated with colorful frescoes and vegetative geometric figures in the ancient city of Tripolis located in the southwestern Turkish province of Denizli.

The villa is estimated to be nearly 2,000 years old, according to the head of the excavation team, the head of the excavation team and professor of archeology at Pamukkale University, Bahadir Duman, said.

"The first construction phase of this villa with mosaic ornamentation starts in the late Hellenistic period. We can say that the first construction phase dates back to 2,000 years," Anadolu Agency cited the professor as saying.

Duman said the owner of the villa is supposed to be a merchant in agriculture, citing the floor covering of the rooms with mosaic and colorful fresco and geometric figures, and with botanic images on the walls.

He added that a large bath, toilet, living room, as well as bedrooms were also unearthed during the excavation.

"We found an area where various liquids such as perfume and olive oil were stored in the house. So it is possible that it was a family dealing with those items," Duman said.