Armenian army completely demoralized, Uzeyir Jafarov says

Armenian army completely demoralized, Uzeyir Jafarov says

The occupying Armed Forces of Armenia are completely demoralized, military expert Uzeyir Jafarov said during an interview with the Vestnik Kavkaza correspondent.

According to him, today, the situation at the front remains tense, but the Azerbaijani Armed Forces control the situation. "There are no particular grounds for concern. Our soldiers continue to fulfil their assigned tasks. They are very close to solving the long-awaited task - the complete liberation of the occupied territories. Everything goes as planned,” he said.

"Today, the Armenian army is completely demoralized. It struggles. They no longer have enough ammunition, they do not have enough fuel and lubricants, they do not have enough food. In two days it will be exactly a month since our troops are actively and bravely fighting against the Armenian invaders. Armenia adheres to a different position: they shell the Azerbaijani civilian objects, civilian population infrastructure,” he expert explained.

“All this in vain. I believe that the fate of the Karabakh war is sealed. Armenia will not forget the blow it received from the Azerbaijani soldiers. Very soon, the situation will change for Armenia. Soon, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and Defense Minister David Tonoyan, and others will be forced to answer for their crimes and deceiving the Armenian population,” Uzeir Jafarov assured.

“I believe that soon, maybe even in the next few hours, we will hear new messages about the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. I have never doubted this and I do not doubt today. I believe that the bridges provided to Armenia by Azerbaijan - so that they make the right decision and liberate our occupied territories - were burnt by the Armenian authorities. Yesterday, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said that there would be no referendum on the territory of liberated Karabakh. This suggests that the Armenians have missed this chance. That is what we can tell judging by the latest developments,” he said.

Speaking about the fact that the Azerbaijani army has now come close to Lachin, the expert recalled that the liberation of the Lachin corridor means the liberation of Lachin and Shusha. "If the Armenian army is demoralized, if its servicemen abandon everything and run away, they can not stay there. Earlier, a very important decision was made: the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are ringing an Armenian armed formation, from the southern and northern sides, thus, they will remain in the cauldron. They will have to surrender, and if they do not surrender, they will be destroyed. In military terms, this is a usual thing. So Azerbaijan will not have any problems with the Lachin corridor. Strategically important heights have already been taken under control there, " Uzeyir Jafarov specified.

"I think that in a few days the war will end with a great victory for the Azerbaijani side. Armenia will not forget this for many years. Its authorities wanted to calm themselves, they say, ”we have a strong army, over the years, we have created protective engineering structures”. President Ilham Aliyev said it was very difficult, but the Azerbaijani soldiers fulfilled the assigned tasks with honour, and this counter-offensive operation is coming to an end," the expert concluded.