Artificial landslide cuts off water supply in Tbilisi

Artificial landslide cuts off water supply in Tbilisi

© Photo: Georgian Water and Power

The main water supply stays interrupted for several days near Tbilisi due to problems with an artificial landslide, which occurred due to the fact that someone dumped bulk material on a natural slope.

The Georgian police are looking for those responsible for the failure of the main water supply system. Due to someone’s negligence, tens of thousands of residents of the Georgian capital and Mtskheta are staying without water, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting the investigation.

On the morning of June 16, the emergency happened near the village of Tsitsamuri, which is located in 20 km  from Tbilisi, in the gorge where the Aragvi River flows. Initially, 110,000 people living in Tbilisi and Mtskheta were left without water supply. The next day, another 63,000 people stayed without water. Yesterday, thanks to reserve reservoirs, water was supplied on schedule.