Azerbaijan delivers first cargo in 2024 to port of Turkmenbashi

Maria Novoselova/"Vestnik Kavkaza"

This year's first dry cargo ships from Baku arrived at the international seaport of Turkmenbashi. At first, the bulk carrier Turkmenistan moored to the pier, and then the Magtymguly vessel came to the port.

In 2023, dry cargo teams successfully completed the production program of the Sea Trade Port of Turkmenistan. Thus, port ships transported more than 2 million tons of cargo to the Caspian ports of foreign countries.

It is noted that the dry cargo ships transported oil products, construction materials, fertilizers, grain, containers, bulk and other cargo from Turkmenistan and other countries.

Throughout the year, the ships delivered about 4 thousand containers, over 15 thousand cars and other equipment to their destination. In addition to this, uninterrupted service was carried out on the line between the port of Turkmenbashi and the Baku commercial port.

It should be added that the Marine Merchant Fleet of Turkmenistan includes dry cargo ships, tankers carrying oil and products, passenger ships, yachts, tugboats of various classes, etc.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova/"Vestnik Kavkaza"