Azerbaijan's Milli Majlis reciprocates French Senate's provocation

Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

The Azerbaijani Parliament Committee on International Relations and Interparliamentary Relations has adopted a statement regarding the anti-Azerbaijani resolution of the French Senate, pushing for sanctions against Azerbaijan due to local anti-terrorist actions in Karabakh in September, 2023.

The Azerbaijani Parliament Committee has proposed imposing sanctions against Paris, including they proposed to freeze any assets in Azerbaijan if they were discovered among French officials.

The committee also proposed expelling French companies from Azerbaijan, including TotalEnergies, and not to allow French companies to participate in any Baku's projects.

In addiion, the Azerbaijani committee called on the government of Azerbaijan to recognize the independence of Kanaka, Corsica and Maohi Nui.

The Senate resolution was described in the statement as “biased, one-sided, and unjustified.” The committee explained that it was adopted at the initiative of the leaders of the Armenian lobby operating in France and French officials and politicians under their influence.

"In recent years, the political circles of the French Republic, including the Senate and the National Assembly, on the basis of instructions received directly from the Elysee Palace, have intensified their openly racist, Azerbaijanaphobic, and Islamaphobic activities and continue to take unjust steps against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, demonstrating open disrespect for the norms and principles of international law," the statement reads.

The Azerbaijani MPs noted that Baku-Paris relations are at the lowest level in history and can be considered essentially suspended due to the Paris's anti-Azerbaijani policy, including the resolutions adopted against Azerbaijan in both chambers of the French Parliament so far.

The anti-Azerbaijani resolution of the French Senate was adopted with 336 votes in favor and just one against (senator Natalie Goulet).

© Photo :Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza