Azerbaijan's SSS: France incites Armenia to new war

the Armenian PM's website

France incites Armenia to a new war, head of Azerbaijani State Security Service Ali Naghiyev said in an interview with the "Respublika" newspaper.

He stressed that instead of supporting peace in the region, France provides Armenia, which has kept Azerbaijani lands under occupation for about 30 years and committed genocide against the Azerbaijani people, with ammunition and establishing its military mission there, promotes revanchist feelings, and tries to realize its plan to turn the South Caucasus into a battlefield again.

"Even after accomplishing all of this, it still acts against Azerbaijan's national security by creating a spy network and enlisting a variety of people in covert cooperation through agents of its special services body. The State Security Service discovered this conduct," Ali Naghiyev said.

The head of Azerbaijani State Security Service urged to remain vigilant in matters of dependable security and be continuously prepared for new challenges and all sorts of scenarios of negatively manifested processes taking place in the region.

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