Azerbaijan's government resigns

Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan has resigned on February 14.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan resigned on the day the newly elected Azerbaijani President takes office and begins to exercise his powers, in accordance with Article 116 of the Azerbaijani Constitution.

According to Article 118 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan (procedure for appointment of the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan), the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan is appointed by the President of Azerbaijan with the consent of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

The President of Azerbaijan will submit a proposal for the Prime Minister's candidacy to the Azerbaijani Parliament no later than one month after taking office or two weeks after the resignation of Azerbaijan's Cabinet of Ministers.

The Azerbaijani Parliament will decide on the Azerbaijani Prime Minister's candidacy within one week after its filing. If the aforementioned order is violated or three candidates submitted by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic are not given consent for appointment to the position of Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, the President of Azerbaijan may appoint the Prime Minister without the consent of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza