Beach vacation at Caribbean Sea becomes year-round for Russians

Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

Charter flights to Venezuela from Moscow will be carried out all year round. For the first time, summer holidays on Margarita Island are offered to Russians by three tour operators.

Starting this year, Russians will be able to relax in Venezuela on the Caribbean Sea in any season – charter flights from Moscow in this direction have become year-round.

According to ATOR, the charter flights from Moscow to Margarita Island have been extended for the first time for summer. The tour operator Pegas Touristik along with Nordwind carrier offers 10-11 nights packages. Intourist and Tez Tour, reserving seats on regular flights of the Venezuelan Conviasa company, have also extended their offers for the summer.

The tourist industry registers an increase in demand for trips to Margarita Island among Russians.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza