Caspian Flotilla to be reinforced in new Dagestan base

Caspian Flotilla to be reinforced in new Dagestan base

The Caspian Flotilla will receive new ships, aircraft and a naval infantry regiment in a new naval base in Dagestan, commander of the Caspian Flotilla Rear Admiral Sergei Pinchuk said.

"The Caspian Flotilla’s base in Dagestan will be reinforced with a naval infantry regiment, as well as new aircraft equipment and ships, including two missile boats and two small air-cushioned landing ships," the press service of the Southern Military District cited Pinchuk as saying.

The rear admiral added that new naval bases make it possible to station additional naval infantry units, aircraft units, combat and logistic support units, as well as build up communication systems, TASS reported.

Pinchuk reiterated that the construction of the flotilla’s main naval base in the military town of Kaspiysk and the reconstruction of the naval base for a brigade of surface ships in Makhachkala are planned to be carried out in two stages, starting from July 2018. The end of all works is planned in the first half of 2020.

Construction to develop the infrastructure of the 71st town is underway, and a barracks and a cultural center are ready for operation. A military hospital started operating in the flotilla’s new naval base, the personnel of which is already receiving patients.