Comedian Zelensky plans to run for Ukrainian president

Comedian Zelensky plans to run for Ukrainian president

Ukrainian comedy actor Vladimir Zelensky, ranked second by opinion polls concerning potential presidential candidates, plans to run for president in the election scheduled for March 31, 2019, as he himself said

"I am going to run for president. Everybody has been asking me whether it is ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ I say ‘yes’," he said during the Evening Quarter show on the 1+1 TV channel.

Zelensky’s election campaign is based on the new season of the Servant of the People TV series, which will start airing in March right before the election and is expected to boost the candidate’s popularity, TASS reported.

According to recent opinion polls, Zelensky has the support of 9% of potential voters, while leader of the Batkivshchina party Yulia Timoshenko is first with 14.2%.

The Ukrainian presidential election is scheduled to be held on March 31. The final candidate list will be announced by February 9.