Conference on Nasimi poetry held at RAS Institute of Philosophy

Conference on Nasimi poetry held at RAS Institute of Philosophy

An international scientific conference titled 'Nasimi Poetry - a Hymn to Man: Synthesis of Spiritual and Cultural Values ​​of East and West', dedicated to the 650th anniversary of great Azerbaijani poet Imadeddin Nasimi, has opened at the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences today.

As the academician, former Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Abdusalam Huseynov said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, Imadeddin Nasimi was a great poet and at the same time a great philosopher. "He is one of the outstanding founders of humanism. He is valuable because he not just proclaimed a hymn to a person, but proclaimed it with such strength, depth and consistency, which was hard to expect in the 14th century," he noted.

The academician also spoke about the cooperation of the RAS with ANAS. "We have established very good traditions of interaction both at the leadership level and at the employee level. Also, through the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, we have a certain project dedicated to the dialogue of cultures. Our cooperation is unique - we do not have a systematic dialogue with other institutions of philosophy in the post-Soviet republics, as we have with Azerbaijan," he said.

Professor of the Institute of Social Sciences at RANEPA Zemfira Iskhakova, in turn, described Imadeddin Nasimi as a magnificent figure. "This is a significant oriental poet, who wrote about love for a person and freedom, love of beauty. As a person who is interested in semiotics, I’m interested in Nasimi’s work, because they have their own style and codes, which transmit these wonderful ideas that are so important today. These algorithms are important because they translate the path to saving our world," she said.

"About 8 years ago, I built a structure for expressing emotions that is universal for French and English. Looking at Nasimi's text, I saw that he had a different structure, there are things that are unique to Nasimi and distinguish him from our modern, emotional person. In this regard, the question arises whether is it worth it to pay attention to this? Maybe we need to express ourselves in a different way, and then we will hear each other, then we will save the world," Zemfira Iskhakova noted.