Coronavirus situation in Kazakhstan stabilizes over 3 weeks

Coronavirus situation in Kazakhstan stabilizes over 3 weeks

The sanitary-epidemiological situation with the coronavirus spread in Kazakhstan has stabilized over the past three weeks, Health Minister Alexey Tsoy said at a government meeting on Wednesday.

"During the last three weeks, a gradual stabilization of the epidemiological situation has been noted in Kazakhstan. During one week, on average, about 53,000 cases [of coronavirus infection] have been registered. Since August 1, the index of the spread of the coronavirus infection has decreased from 1.11 to 0.97," he said.

According to the health minister, 53% of hospital beds in infectious units are occupied and 47% at intensive care units. "In general, a steady work of the country’s medical facilities is noted since today over 120,000 patients with the coronavirus infection are being treated," he pointed out.

In all Kazakhstan, since the beginning of the pandemic, 708,379 coronavirus infections have been confirmed, with 585,298 recoveries and 7,867 fatalities. The republic has the population of 19 mln people.

As of August 18, some 6,183,445 people received the first component of a vaccine (62% of the population subject to inoculation), including 4,819,587 people who have completed the immunization process (48% of the population subject to inoculation). "The regions are supplied with the vaccines in the sufficient amount, deliveries are performed on schedule," the health minister noted.