Difficult conversation between Merkel and Putin

Difficult conversation between Merkel and Putin

Moscow is a constructive partner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a press conference after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi.

"Russia is a constructive partner in the preparation for the G20 summit in Hamburg," she said.

"For me the aim is to reach the point in the implementation of the Minsk accords where we can lift the European Union's sanctions against Russia," Merkel added.

Vladimir Putin said that he had discussed with German Chancellor Merkel the Syrian crisis and the situation in Ukraine, as well as the preparation for G20 summit, which will be held on July 7-8 in Hamburg.

The Russian president also said Russia seeks to build relations with Germany on the principles of mutual benefit, respect and equality.

The deputy dean of the Faculty of Global Economics and International Affairs of the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University, Andrei Suzdaltsev, speaking to Vestnik Kavkaza, noted that this visit of Angela Merkel to Moscow is key one in terms of building a new configuration of relations in the triangle of the US-Europe-Russia. "We are at a stage when the Trump administration is completing to form its main approaches to relations with the European Union, including the Ukrainian theme and the role of Germany as the EU leader. In this regard, Merkel will have serious consultations, because Germany has not been able to achieve any success in relations with Russia," he explained.

There are several factors which caused the need for Angela Merkel's visit to Moscow. "First, Merkel is a firm supporter of maintaining sanctions against Russia, and she needs to prove the need to maintain sanctions to Trump, and she must have a clear understanding of Putin's approaches to the Ukrainian and European issues. Second, she is hastened by the second round of the presidential elections in France, where Germany will bet on Macron. Merkel is very concerned with the fact that within the framework of the election campaign in France it was discovered that Russia's influence is great," Andrei Suzdaltsev said.

In this regard, the main purpose of the visit is Merkel's attempt to put Moscow's activities in such a framework, which would suit Berlin. "It will be very difficult to achieve any success in this format, while the German Chancellor arrived at the meeting with Vladimir Putin for successes. It will be a very difficult visit for Merkel, " the deputy dean of the Faculty of Global Economics and International Affairs of the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University believes.

The problem is that Berlin and Moscow currently are able to agree neither in the sanctions, nor in Ukraine, nor in the Syrian crisis, nor in the expansion of NATO. "If the result of the elections in France will be suitable for Berlin, Germany will try to impose its point of view in relations with Russia harder. Merkel is now seeking a foothold, that is, no one is waiting for breakthroughs," Andrei Suzdaltsev concluded.