EU bans Russian oil supply to Germany

Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza

Pipeline oil supplies from Russia to Germany are stopped. The ban on oil supply through "Druzhba" was included in the 11th package of EU anti-Russian sanctions adopted today.

"The temporary delay granted to Germany and Poland regarding Russian oil supplies through the northern section of the Druzhba oil pipeline is terminated",

European Council announced.

Germany and Poland will not be able to import Russian oil through "Druzhba", but they will continue deliveries of Kazakh oil through the same pipeline. The EU clarified that oil from any third country can be transited through the Russian Federation and delivered to European countries.

The 11th package of sanctions also includes:

  • trailers and semi-trailers' entry from Russia to the EU,
  • restrictions on a number of companies from Armenia, Iran, China, the UAE, Syria, which are allegedly connected with Russia,
  • sanctions against the military, entrepreneurs, journalists (more than 100 people in total),
  • export of electric vehicles, hybrid cars, cars with an engine capacity of more than 1.9 liters, including used ones, to Russia,
  • entry into the European ports of any tankers that carried out ship-to-ship oil transfer,
  • deliveries of electrical components, semiconductors, optical components, navigation devices to the Russian Federation,
  • a new list of high-tech, military and aviation goods for which a ban on transit through the Russian Federation has been introduced,
  • a mechanism for combating the circumvention of sanctions, involving sanctions against third countries.
© Photo :Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza