Erdogan reveals who to blame for Israel-Iran escalation

the Turkish presidential website

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the main party to blame for Iran’s unprecedented missile attack on Israel over the weekend.

Speaking to reporters following a cabinet meeting in Ankara, he said Netanyahu and his administration are responsible for Iran's aerial attacks on April 13.

"The main actor responsible for the tension that gripped our hearts on the evening of April 13 is Netanyahu and his bloody administration," Erdogan said.

Noting that the weekend attacks have shown the double standards of the West and the potential of war in the region, the Turkish leader said it is crucial to identify the main reason behind the April 13 attack.

“Since October 7, the Israeli government has been taking provocative steps to fuel the fire in the region,” Erdoğan said.

He continued by saying that not that many countries reacted against Israel’s attack.

“Those who have not voiced any opposition to Israeli aggression for months, are now racing to condemn Iran’s response,” Erdoğan said.

© Photo :the Turkish presidential website