Experts: Presidential Turkey has a great future ahead

Experts: Presidential Turkey has a great future ahead

Turkey is entering a new historical reality. The results of recent referendum showed that the Turkish citizens have voted for the country's transition to the presidential form of government: 51.4% of voters voted for it, while 48.8% - against amendments to the country's main law.

After the voting, which is called a turning point in the country's history, Turkey will become the presidential republic. The amendments to the constitution, adopted at the referendum, give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unprecedented powers and allow him to remain in office until 2029.

As director of the History Institute at the Center for Strategic Studies of Turkey, Professor Kamal Cicek noted, the referendum showed that the system that existed since 1923 is now gone. Now Turkey will slowly adjust to the new system, a number of laws will be adopted in the parliament.

"Over 51% of the country's citizens voted for amendments to the constitution, about 49% - against them, in other words, supporters of changes have won with a small margin. We can say that the people didn't support changes wholeheartedly. It means that Erdogan has received a certain "credit of trust", and it's important not to lose it. In order to do this, it's necessary to carry out reforms in the economy and continue to develop democratic institutions. Otherwise, it can lead to negative consequences - after all, presidential elections will be held in two years," he said.

Expert at the Center for Strategic Studies under Azerbaijani President, Javid Veliev, said that the new system will primarily strengthen the authorities' powers and will help to make important decisions faster.

"I believe that giving Erdogan more power will not only bring political stability to the country, but will also strengthen its positions in foreign policy and security," he concluded.