Explosion in Aghdam: excavator blows up on mine

Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

Today, a mine exploded under a working excavator in the Aghdam district of Azerbaijan. The operator is injured. The police has initiated an investigation.

On Saturday, an excavator blew up on a mine in the village of Afatly in the Aghdam district of Azerbaijan, the Interior Ministry of the republic informs.

The incident took place in a field during farming work. The excavator operator, village resident Elmir Yusifov, received minor injuries as a result of a mine explosion under the equipment.

The police launched an investigation into the incident. 

More than 40,000 people may move to the Aghdam region in the next three years, thus, it is necessary to carry out a complete demining of the territories. Over 60 cases of mine explosions occurred in the city of Aghdam in two years. In the villages of Aghdam district, 50,000 mines remain indisposed at the moment. Works on clearing the territories from mines and ammunition continue.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza